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Forum du Musée Virtuel de l'Absinthe _ Les historiques _ Absinthinette - Alcohol-free absinthe

Écrit par : Marc Feb 11 2014, 08:08 AM

Absinthinette was an alcohol-free absinthe created in 1890-1895. This wooden box was containing 8 tubes of powdered Absinthinette for making 16 glasses. All you had to do is mixing Absinthinette with water!
Absinthinette was also offered in tablets, as described in the leafet shown here.
See below the full translation of the leafet by our friend Artemis, it reveals very interesting things about how absinthe was sometimes perceived back in 1890…

The liquor called Absinthe, the use of which is nowadays so widespread, is considered with just cause to be harmful. The reason for this noxiousness resides in large part in the great quantity of alcohol which is absorbed each time a glass of Absinthe is consumed, and in the poor quality of that alcohol. In general all the alcohols of lower quality are used in the manufacture of this liquor, and the reason is that their bad flavor is masked by the aroma of the plants used to make Absinthe.

Each time a person, to refresh himself, has recourse to Absinthe, he absorbs a quantity of alcohol equivalent to two or three small glasses of cognac, and this alcohol is in general one that bears the name of inferior alcohol, from the tails ; which is to say it contains accordingly all the damaging products which develop during the fermentation of the grain, sugar beets or potatoes used to produce it.

Only under these conditions does a drinker who devotes himself to Absinthe bring about the greatest harm.

With Absinthinette, nothing of the kind is to be feared, the product containing no alcohol, but simply the aromatic and refreshing parts of the plants used to make Absinthe, the aromatic parts having been extracted from the plants and changed into sugared tablets by a special process.

Water being a liquid found everywhere, and our product being very compact, one tablet the size of an ordinary sugar cube being enough to make a glass of Absinthe, Absinthinette therefore constitutes for all who want to take advantage of the thirst-quenching properties of Absinthe, men, women and children, a healthful, portable and instant refreshment.


Pour onto a piece of Absinthinette a sufficient quantity of water according to the desired aromatic strength. Agitate by breaking the tablet of Absinthinette, to make it dissolve easier.


Box containing eight absinthinettes 1 Franc 50
Box of two absinthinettes (Samples) 0 Franc 50

Écrit par : EdouardPerneau Feb 13 2014, 02:22 AM

Very Insteresting marc THX

Écrit par : The Standard Deviant Feb 13 2014, 10:12 AM

Hello Marc,

Thanks very much for sharing this, and Artemis for translating. I had often thought about what a powdered absinthe would be like, although more the idea of taking a distilled absinthe and evaporating the spirit.

This thing is a great insight into marketing of the day. I suppose it was not so successful though in the end.

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