Absinthe Glasses I - Verres d'Absinthe
Some interesting glasses especially made for absinthe - an "East" glass, Reservoirs, Pontarliers, engraved publicity glasses for
Absinthe Barnoud and a group of so-called "uranium glass" - a popular novelty colouring in the late 19th century..

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A large wide mouthed, dose-marked glass used in the east of France,
and extracts from the Verreries Meisenthal and Portieux catalogues.
Two typical styles of reservoir glass
"Pontarlier" glasses
An unusual sand-moulded
reservoir glass
A "Cordon" glass, with a raised
band marking the dose.
Publicity glasses for
Absinthe Barnoud
3 Swirl glasses, a Cote Baritel spoonholder and an Absinthe Mugnier carafe, all made from pale lime-green
uranium glass.On the left, the same glasses under ultraviolet light, showing the characteristic flourescence caused
by the presence of radioactive compounds (uranium dioxide)  in the glass. Because of  its mysterious  greenish tinge,
this type of  glassware, first manufactured in the mid 19th century, was particularly appropriate for use with absinthe.
Verres  absinthe I Verres  absinthe II
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